January 11-17
DANIEL 1: From Mystery to Revelation


Just for once, it was nice to be in charge.

To you, after all, I am "Nebuchadnezzar -- destroy of nations, King of Babylon, and ruler of the whole stinking universe."

But when the magi show up, they act like I'm just another shlubby -- just another peasant who's ticked-off the gods.

That's why it was so nice to see them sweat -- to see them realize that I was in charge after all.

Yes, it was nice while it lasted . . .

Right up until four of them spoke up.

The good news: they told me what I'd dreamt.

The bad news: they told me what it meant . . .

And it turns out that I'm not in charge, after all.

For more on this week's lesson, go to: https://absg.adventist.org/html?code=ADLT1Q20WK03LESN